"The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page." 

― Augustine of Hippo



Universities & Schools

Universities and schools have special travel needs to instruct and enrich as well as inspire. Whether you are:

1. A professor who wants to do a Sabbatical to a foreign destination, or

2. you want to lead a group of students on a field trip to a destination which is part of your study program, we can provide you the educational experiences which fulfill your goals.

Study Tours

It has been said that “the World is the best Classroom.”  We believe that this is true.  The history lessons that you are teaching your students come alive when you take them to the very places you are teaching them about.  The same is true of Theater, Costume, Textiles, Geography, etc. etc.  What you tell them in the classroom will be burned into their memories when they are having living experiences combined with world travel.

MG Tour Co. has been providing excellent quality, customized tours to Universities and Schools since 1994. We have provided EMBA students Business Education Tours;  Theater and Drama Departments customized Theater and Drama tours as well as Costume and Textile tours; Universities, Colleges and High Schools special History tours; tours It is our honor and privilege to work with Universities and Schools on all levels to provide your special travel needs.  We work hard to provide you customized travel to suit your school needs.  We can set up your tour to include many “behind the scenes” experiences and in-depth, unique.

We, at MG Tour Company will work with you to set up your Educational tour to your specifications.


As a professor, you work hard to provide your students meaningful and an up-to-date education.  Sometimes your batteries run low and/or you need to be refreshed with the type of inspiration and fresh experiences that world travel can provide.  We can help you have the type of experiences that inspire, educate and refresh you.

Special Unique Experiences

We have excellent relationships with our local partners and sometimes even government sources. 

We can provide you many unique experiences.

Performance Tours

Every director or conductor knows that one of the most exciting things that you can do with a performance group is to do a performance tour – to “Take it on the road.”  This is especially true of student groups, who have worked hard all semester to prepare for a performance (often a single performance). This process can be satisfying but it can also be anti-climatic – as all of their hard work is expressed possibly only once and then it is over.  How much better if they can have more performances for a foreign audience combined with an exciting world travel experience.

You, as the director of a performance group may well be interested in doing such a tour but the logistics of setting up the tour, flights, the hotels, securing the performance theaters, etc. etc. can be overwhelming.

The good news is that we can set up the tour, the flights, the theaters (with audiences), the hotels, the meals, etc.  You can concentrate on working with your group and we will take care of everything related to the group.

Let us work with you to set up your Performance Tour.  We will work with you to set up the exact tour that you want:  from the length of the trip, the sites you want to see, the number of performances, special meetings, level of hotels,etc. etc.

1. Where you want to go, how long
You have worked hard on preparing a performance  When you have an excellent We can also provide you Performance tours.  Your choir, orchestra, dance teams, theater group, etc. can perform in theaters in foreign country with audiences.  This can  be combined with tour sites and experiences in the country.

Small Group Special Interest Tours

8-Day UK Theater Tour
9-Day UK Fashion & Costume Tour
12-Day China Drama & Costume Tour
12-Day India Textiles Tour
14-Day Bali Drama & Costume Tour
18-Day Southeast Asia Theater, Dance & Costume Tour